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Gold is one of the six available War Robots currencies. It’s one of the hardest resources to acquire since the game is P2P oriented. However, the War Robots hack gives out free gold INSTANTLY.



The War Robots hack software is completely free for the community players and will remain as long as we maintain our servers!


updatedrobots.com will never share your personal details to third parties and we can assure you that you will not get banned by using our tool!


The Walking War Robots Generator is the fastest known software used for acquiring free gold in the game!                                   


We have to admit; this is one of the most asked questions about our War Robots Hack tool. There are a few reasons why using our tool is many times straightforward than trying to acquire it by grinding while playing all day. I will in-depth explain the features that our tool provides and try to tell you the function each one of them:

It’s free!

Come on, who doesn’t like a good old freebie, a few years ago, when we used to play Runescape, we all had a wish to max out our equipement and to flex on other players, so the new War Robots free gold tool generations want for the same but not in the Runescape world.
Also, if you used our tool before you surely know that it was free since the beginning.

It’s 100% safe and ban-proof!

Our best developers care about our War Robots Hack community! As the main proud feature included in the tool, they’ve implemented the Anti-ban module!
The protection system is optimized for the best performance, and it’s aimed at the core value system of War Robots servers.

Anybody can use it!

It’s so simple made, and the interface is so clean that even non-gamer can use it. The interface has an username input box, a menu for picking the gold and silver amount as well.
The verification at the end requires easy steps and includes precise instructions.

It’s free of any viruses or malware

Use any antivirus or antimalware to scan our site and share the results with us, and we would be delighted to know the results since our War Robots cheat tool is 100% safe! If there is any bugs on the tool machine, you would know by not being able to access your account.

Why free Silver?

Silver as the most accessible acquirable resource in the game is also the most urgently needed currency of the War Robots game since the upgrades after reaching level 8 are enormously expensive. The Walking War Robots Hack community strives to provide War Robots players with as many free resources as we can (don’t worry, we still have plenty of amounts of resources in the bank).

Almost all robots types will get an upgrade with silver. That’s because silver is the only currency in War Robots used for equipment upgrades.

Getting Silver is a bit easier than acquiring gold, you will receive Silver for every accomplishment in the battle such as :

-Most damage dealt in the fight

-Number of enemy robots killed

-Capped beacons

-How many critical shots you’ve given to the enemy robots

-50% bonus for a game win

Unlike Gold, Silver in War Robots can be exchanged (bought) – what? Yep, you can trade your Gold for a desired amount of Silver.

War Robots price review

  • War Robots Gold prices:
  • $5 for 500 Gold
  • $10 for 1200 Gold
  • $20 for 2500 Gold
  • $50 for 6500 Gold
  • $100 for 14000 Gold
A character from the War Robots Generator tool


The first way is also the most obvious one:

by every level up a player will receive 50 Gold as a bonus

Buying Gold on War Robots:

Some hardcore War Robots players will strive to buy some War Robots Gold (Au) with real money to unlock the game features faster and easier probably because they are impatient or they don’t know about War Robots hack.



By performing well in games, you will earn some bits of Gold.

-if you capture the most beacons

-if you have the most kills at the end of the game

-first place will get 5 Gold

-3 Gold for 2nd place

-1 Gold for 3rd place


Two missions a day get assigned to every player which attribute the player with 30-40 gold (depending on the task)

This image shows us the War Robots Free Gold image that may be shown in the upcoming tool update
Essential general tips for War Robots Beginners

Think before changing the name of your pilot since after you use the two free ones, it will cost 500 gold afterward.

Your game start will be with the Destrier, and the best situation will be the one in which you don’t buy another one because there will be much better robots to buy later on.

Your best shot will be to buy the “Cossack” known for his jumping that optimizes Cossack for capturing beacons.

Try to take Vityaz as early as possible and equip it with a Thunder.

Never upgrade your Main robot past level two until you are eligible to upgrade your weapon. Remember: Weapon upgrades are the priority.

Optimize your controls and settings and don’t forget to enable the target lock.

Get to know the range and power of every weapon you frequently use, shooting early or late can end up badly!

Shield with your buddy, you can peek behind him while strolling. Shoot at them with the dip. This will give you functional changes!

Cover yourself while walking! Try to take frequent wall covers to avoid sniper long range shots from far away.

High tier tips

Try to co-op with your partners even if you play solo all the time. When Lancelot pushes to the main bacon, support him if you are free and safe.

When you scale is careful with beacon recaptures. When you are a high tier player, rushing a cap beacon will make the bot dead. The point is to wait for support and push as a team.

The best type of situation to be in is to mech your opponents by destroying 1-2 of them. For example, when red is pushing, and they lose a few bots, that’s ideal!

Never give up easily. Having one or two beacons less is not anything special and not even hard for a come-back. Never waste your strength for nothing. If you were watching the forums with surprising wins, most of the time they happen when one team is behind. If you give up early on the first bump, then the probability that you will lose is high.

War Robots Beacon

Positional awareness:

From my experience, I often see newbies rushing the bots out, rushing at the places where the specialized skills of a robot are not ideal. Middle range bots and maybe sniper robots are the most significant flaw. If you are not sure, then wait for the enemy to come. Be careful because some of your opponents may use War Robots hack to get easy upgrades.

A flying robot from Walking War Robots hack
More methods for getting free GOLD

The First Method

Well, let’s be honest even the first method for gaining the valuable Gold is free, and you aren’t obliged to spend money, but you would have to spend weeks and even months to earn small amounts of Gold, but you want to get into the game core without spending any dime. Also if you do spend money, at one point, you will stop playing and try to sell your account unsuccessfully!

The Second Method

The Second method here is distinct. It’s essentially paying to get the resources because if you pay for the game, you pay for the game. There is no waiting, and often new players will load up with a bunch of gold and waste it right away not knowing what to buy, what to upgrade and the mistake in this is that they’ve already spent their money.

Remember ,our goal here is to get as many free resources in War Robots without paying even a single penny, and we are striving to do is as early as possible.The Walking War Robots community member.

updatedrobots.com Community

Because this simple method requires you to pay for Gold, our primary goal is to get resources completely free, without any charges. Initially, paying for some free game sounds quick and simple but don’t make a mistake: it’s always an expensive investment to spend your precious money on F2P game that isn’t even giving you the deserved portions for the amount of money.

While the time goes on, your cash spendings stack up, and you keep on giving your precious money to a free-to-play game. By involving paying in the second method, it makes the whole thing saturated. Are you still in search of free Gold and Silver for War Robots? We know that you are, that’s why you are here!

The Third Method

The third method of gathering resources is by using the Walking War Robots Hack tools, buying Gold is the way our site recommends to people that find War Robots fun and exciting game. This method is not only swift, but it is also completely free, and it doesn’t charge you even not a penny! You will save your money and precious time, and you will also beat your competition in no time!


Of course, the marketplace is full of War Robots hack tools, there is an exception to this one, unlike other machines, this one does work! Make sure to follow the tool instructions so that you receive free Gold and Silver SUCCESSFULLY!


If you’ve read all of this, then you have probably come to the conclusion that grinding hard is not a smart idea when where are much more natural methods. It’s incredible how many players spent their time trying to bulk up their robots. It’s nice to have that robot upgrades but have you ever tried War Robots hack? If you did, then you will be swimming in that Gold(Au) in no time. It’s a widely known fact today that the game generators mostly do not work. 90% of them are just trying to spend your money. Our tool is free for lifetime, no registration needed. And the best quality about our device is that we do not store ANY of your information. We only require you to use your username and choose the Gold quantity. Reflect on your past time and calculate the time spent in-game. You will be amazed when you think about it. That’s why we create valuable War Robots Hack content.

How unique our features prove the fact that we had to limit the number of daily visits. However, we also update our content daily and make changes and bug fixes to our devices used for the process. That’s how all the systems are supposed to work under our maintenance. From the past week, we now possess a more powerful machine used just for one site and one tool. The generation process is among the fastest, top 3 loading speed tools from all the competition.

Whenever you start the game, do you ask yourself, “why am I doing this?”, if the answer is “fun” then think about it. You have a quick way to get the Silver and Gold for free. Later why would you play all day?