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As the time is passing by and the game is getting updates, the War Robots Hack modules are urging for an update as well. Since the 5.0 update, our Generator modules crashed when a more significant amount is generated on our side of the server, so we had to get an in-depth insight into the error. Luckily, our War Robots hack servers were not compromised, and the Anti-ban modules are still up and doing their job every time a new pack of Gold and Silver is generated.
Another problem occurred when the generator had too many traffic at the same time so our server went down for few hours until we’ve figured out a short-term solution that included adding a countdown timer for every visitor so that nobody can’t spam our generator and cause significant maintenance.

In conclusion to the War Robots 5.0, aside from the robot tweaks and updates, the main target of rolling out a new update was to improve their anti-cheat system forcing older versions of War Robots generator to update as well. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, and we plan to support our tool until we are not able to support it financially. Therefore we don’t have any plans shortly about shutting down our War Robots hack servers. Considering the volatile nature of War Robots server, we are continually forcing updates on our side of the tool too so our Anti-ban modules can never get caught off-guard.


The game is still playable for free even if it’s considered Pay-to-Play we’ve still got you covered as long as you support our War Robots hack tool. The best thing about using this tool is that you can easily buy top-tier robots (Griffin, Galahad) without having to grind all day or even worse to pay your hard earned money for overpriced packs of gold. It’s tough to find out a working War Robots generator that works without a survey or human verification; that’s why our tool is unique!War Robots Griffin top-tier robot

War Robots – Griffin


We’ve got a lot of questions of this nature in the first week of the War Robots hack launch, so we are going to point out a few key update features that are our top priority for now:

  • Update the interface for easier navigation
  • Implement Power Cells generation
  • Implement Black Market keys
  • Develop an aimbot module to improve accuracy
  • Update servers for handling the traffic
  • Fix bug displaying Gold
  • Speed up the Generation process


  • Removing Silver from the War Robots hack generation menu – since you can exchange Gold for any amount of Gold for Silver, it would be much easier to add a new option to generate more gold than to maintain the whole silver generating system module as it has many bugs that occur during the process.

Instead of a short run-down, we will list the War Robots hack critical features below:

  1. Fixed the bug where the amount of generated Silver could not be displayed
  2. Tweaked up the server for optimal speed
  3. Implemented the improved double-security module
  4. Removed unnecessary modules
  5. Added visit time limit to unload the server stress

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